Can I buy your earplugs directly on your site ?

No our products are exclusively for sale on the world's largest online marketplace.  Order now and get your shipment in 2 days ! (depending your location)   We currently ship our products to USA, Canada and Mexico.       

How much is shipping ?

SHIPPING IS FREE  for orders over $25 or if you are a Prime member.

What material are your ear plugs made out of ?

High quality and high density polyurethane foam . 100% safe we do not use harmfull cheap chemicals !     

Will the ear plugs fit my ear canal ?

Our earplugs fits about 98% of ear canals, Please follow fitting instructions on product packaging. If it does not fit we offer you 100% your money back no questions asked !

Do you sell wholesale ?

No, sorry we  only sell retail at the moment


Can I sleep with these ear plugs ?

Sure ! that is one of the many purpose our ear plugs are made for.                                                                                                         

How much noise do your ear plugs block ?

When properly fitted they will reduce decibel level by 32 dB. Although some of our competitors claim that their ear plugs reduce noise by 33 or 34dB maximum noise reduction is 32dB, do not fall for false claims.  ( Please follow fitting instructions on packaging )

Are ear plugs individually packaged ?

Each pair is individually packaged in a plastic bag for the 100 pairs and 200 pairs pack. For the 50 pairs pack each pair is NOT individually packaged but it comes with a FREE carrying case ! You can always have a fresh pair handy.