Best ear plugs for studying

The Advantages of Using Earplugs for Studying and exams


If you’re looking for the best earplugs, you have a variety of options available to you. While it is good to have choices, it also makes it harder to choose that perfect set. When you study for school or work-related needs, you need absolute quiet so that you can concentrate and block out any disruptive noises. Noise reduction can be achieved with a variety of products, including earmuffs, but foam earplugs are a far better choice. Traditional earmuffs are big and just cover the outside of your ears, furthermore they don’t offer the same hearing protection and noise reduction.

Foam plugs are an excellent alternative to even the best earmuffs on the market. They offer a variety of benefits, but it is essential that you focus on the NRR (noise reduction rating) they provide so that you get maximum noise reduction. Although some companies claim to have a NRR of 33 or 34 decibels, The maximum NRR for foam ear plugs is 32dB, which means that when properly fitted plugs will reduce noises around you by 32 decibels. 

Throw Them Away

When choosing earplugs, it is essential that you choose disposable earplugs. These work perfectly because you simply insert them into the ear canal until they cannot go in any further and the foam will expand after a few seconds and form a snug fit. (Please follow the easy fitting instructions on the box). Others who are a few feet around you won’t really notice you are wearing them, which means you can discretely wear them in class while writing an exam, the library or while walking around to gather more books. 

When you are finished studying for the day, make sure to remove them and throw them away. You shouldn’t walk around campus, walk across streets or drive while wearing earplugs. Plus, they are meant to be thrown away after one use, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination.


The problem with traditional earplugs is that they aren’t sanitary. Once you remove the wrapper and insert them into the ear, they get dirty. Of course, it’s from your body, but the dirt and grime can stay, even after cleaning them. Also, if you don’t store them properly, you could end up getting other germs on the plugs and when you insert them into your ears again, you could end up getting a bacterial infection.

Focus and Learn

The goal of studying is to learn more and comprehend what you learn. With our ultra-soft foam ear plugs you can focus better wherever you are studying, including busy restaurants, coffee shops, and more.

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