Keep Your Ears Safe with Ear Plugs for Power Tools Use

Do you work in an environment that uses loud power tools? Do you enjoy DIY projects that require power tool use? If you do either of these, it is essential that you keep your ears protected. You may not realize it, but loud power tools can damage your hearing, even after only 15 seconds of exposure. In fact, you should only stay at a noise level of 120db for 15 seconds without earplugs before hearing damage could occur. With 32 dB noise reducing earplugs, you could be exposed to that same noise level continuously for over 2 hours without any hearing damage (see chart below). Therefore, it is best to always wear disposable ear plugs and put them in before starting your loud power tool. That way, you are always protected, and the safety of your hearing isn’t compromised.

Reduce Noise

Noise reduction is essential when you are working in any loud environment. However, you may be responsible for the noise, such as when using power tools. Along with such, you may work in close proximity to others who may be using noisy tools, and you need to ensure that your hearing is protected otherwise you could incur hearing loss. 

Choosing Earplugs

The best ear plugs are those that fit you well. They should fit snugly into your ear canal while leaving the outer ear unencumbered. Along with such, you should look into purchasing disposable plugs that are individually wrapped or store them in a carrying case. That way, you know they are clean and ready for use. Many times, people reuse earplugs that they purchased from a doctor or drug store. Even with the cleanser provided, they can still contain germs that can easily get into your ear and cause problems, such as ear infections.

When you choose ultra-soft ear plugs, you don’t have to worry about them scratching your ear canal or being uncomfortable to put in and remove. Soft ear plugs can be compressed more easily to fit in your ear. They are suitable for any sized ears and can give you a full day’s worth of comfort.

Foam ear plugs are usually the best option because they are made for safety, keep out most of the noise from the environment, and still allow you to hear some things. Even so, it is essential that you warn others that you are wearing ear plugs. That way, they can use the right protocol, such as tapping on the shoulder or otherwise getting your attention. It does help if you purchase orange ear plugs, as they are highly visible to others around you and ensures that they know you have them in your ears. 

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