Best ear plugs for meditation

Get Peace and Quiet and Meditate better with Ear Plugs for Meditation


Many people enjoy meditating, but find that it is too loud in their current location. If you live with multiple people or desire to meditate at work, noise reduction is essential to ensure that you can meditate and relax your mind and body enough to get the full effect. A noisy environment can deter you from relaxing the mind fully, which means you aren’t getting the full benefits of meditation.

While some people believe that you must use silicone earplugs to get the best results, you will find that foam ear plugs work much better as they tend to be much softer while blocking the same amount of noise. The goal of any earplug is to ensure that it fits snugly into the ear canal, that it fits comfortably and most importantly, blocking out sound as much as possible. 

Choose Wisely

You will likely find articles or blogs about the top 3 or top 10 best earplugs online, as many articles have been written about them. However, none of these list ultra-soft earplugs and you have to be aware that many blogs recommending the products are owned by companies selling ear plugs, which means you don’t get all the information necessary to make an informed decision. 

You need something that blocks the ear canal properly without going too deeply inside your ear and touching your eardrum. Many times, custom earplugs are designed to fit perfectly, but they can still slip because they are designed for that particular ear. That means you must ensure that you put the earplug into the same ear each time. It also means that if your ears are swollen or you have a cold, you may not be able to wear them that day. 

Soft ear plugs don’t have the same issues because they can fit any ear sizes and are disposable. You put them in and use them for meditation, and when you are finished, you throw the pair away, making it the most hygienic option. If next time you meditate and have a cold or swollen ear, you don’t have to worry about it with foam plugs. damaging your customized plugs. When fitted properly, they are designed not to slip, shift or pop out while wearing them. Therefore, you can move your head, twist, and do meditative poses when necessary without fear.

Reasons to Wear Them

Some people think that wearing earplugs of any sort while meditating is wrong. Some say the goal of meditation is to find inner peace regardless of what is going on around you. That can be true, but you may still need to learn to tune out the rest of the world and earplugs can be very beneficial. It’s also helpful to wear them when you just need a few minutes to yourself in order to recuperate and recharge your body and mind.

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